How To Join

Joining is quick and easy. Here are 2 simple ways to join!

Option #1: Download the application form (Download - .pdf) and mail it in with your annual or lifetime dues.

Option #2: You can also join by paying your $100 lifetime dues through the PayPal link below.

Who Can Join?

WBHS Alumni Assocation Bylaws Article 3: Membership

Section A: Eligibility. Any individual who attended the high school (whether graduated or not) and is not currently enrolled, anyone who attended a West Burlington primary school prior to 1964, anyone who was or is staff of the West Burlington School District, or anyone who served or is serving on the school board is eligible to become a member of the Association.

Section B: Membership. Eligible individuals become members of the Association by submitting an application for membership accompanied by the lifetime or annual dues payment. The term of annual membership shall run from July 1 through June 30 of each year, the Association’s fiscal year. Annual dues will not be prorated.

Section C: Termination. Membership in the Association will terminate upon failure to pay annual dues.

WBHS Alumni Scholarship

WBHS Alumni Scholarship

Each year the WBHS Alumni Association offers up to two $500 scholarships to graduating West Burlington High School Seniors. Scholarships are awarded each year at the West Burlington Awards Banquet. Please ask your WB High School counselor for the current scholarship form to apply.

WBHS Alumni Association Leadership

President: Amy Crowner – Class of 1995

Vice President: Mary Storch – Class of 1964

Secretary: Tara Thuleen - Class of 1992

Corresponding Secretary: Andy Crowner – Class of 1999

Treasurer: Eric Fritz - Class of 1989

Committee Chairpersons

We are currently looking for alumni members to head several of our committees. If you are interested please email Andy Crowner at

Events: Apply Now!

Communications: Apply Now!

Fundraising: Apply Now!

Scholarship: Apply Now!

Nominating Chairperson: Apply Now!

Class Representatives

Class Volunteer Phone Email
1964 Mary Storch (319) 759-6263
1966 Loretta Poindexter (319) 754-4705
1969 Sheila Crowner (319) 759-1603
1970 Randy Messamaker (319) 753-1594
1971 Hans Trousil (319) 750-0057
1972 Joni Fry (319) 752-9388
1973 Nancy Deen (319) 752-5727
1975 Sheila Logan Stewart (319) 759-8955
1979 Carrie Havlick
1980 Randy Fry (319) 753-6744
1981 Tonja Ellerbroek (319) 754-6924
1982 Julie Daniels
1983 Cindy Moser
1985 Sherri Cluney Gorrell
1987 Mark Moad (319) 601-1757
1990 Kelly Fry (319) 753-6744
1991 Kerry Hale (319) 850-1534
1992 Tara Thuleen
1993 Ben Bence (319) 759-6555
1994 Tori Wilkerson
1995 Amy Eggar
1998 Mike Shinn
1999 Andy Crowner
2001 Nathaniel Prickett (319) 759-3616
2005 Jon Munford (319) 750-5091
2006 Summer West (319) 752-2689
2008 Courtney Dochterman (319) 850-6636
2009 Savannah Quam (319) 457-0131